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So I want to move to California. No, that's not really all that random. This past Thursday, July 3, our family got home from a road trip out to California and back. DH had a conference in Anaheim, so we decided we’d make a vacation out of it. (No, we didn’t go to Disneyland. Well, not the paying part. We did go to Downtown Disney, so we can honestly say we’ve been to the original Disneyland. ☺) I’ll be perfectly honest. Anaheim was just ok. It was a lot like Orlando, but with uglier palm trees and a much better climate (no spirit crushing humidity to take the fun out of “the happiest place on earth”). DH had some time off in the evenings, so we went with friends south to a quaint, historic town called Temecula. Hot during the afternoon, but the evening was lovely. We had dinner outside, and it was breezy and cool, turning colder as the sun began to set. When they lit a fire in a fire pit right by our table, it was very welcome. LOVED it.

Spent another evening with the same fri…