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Middle School Contraception...HUH?

I'm angry, so here I am to stew a little and let off some steam. My husband just sent me a link to an article on CNN about a Maine middle school that is now going to be passing out oral contraceptives to its students. Too many middle school pregnancies, they're complaining. The school's health center has been handing out condoms since 2000, but that didn't seem to help much. Well, duh!

Oh, and the best part. These kids can get this stuff without telling their parents. Wait, addendum: kids must have parental permission to even go to the health center. Yeah, but once in there, everything is confidential. So 11, 12, and 13 year old kids, who barely even know how to keep their own noses clean yet, are being allowed to make a decision about wether or not they should go on the pill??? What is wrong with these school officials??? Parents need to be informed.

Yeah, I know the reasoning behind this secrecy. Kids won't speak to their doctors etc., who are SUPPOSED to be resp…