Middle School Contraception...HUH?

I'm angry, so here I am to stew a little and let off some steam. My husband just sent me a link to an article on CNN about a Maine middle school that is now going to be passing out oral contraceptives to its students. Too many middle school pregnancies, they're complaining. The school's health center has been handing out condoms since 2000, but that didn't seem to help much. Well, duh!

Oh, and the best part. These kids can get this stuff without telling their parents. Wait, addendum: kids must have parental permission to even go to the health center. Yeah, but once in there, everything is confidential. So 11, 12, and 13 year old kids, who barely even know how to keep their own noses clean yet, are being allowed to make a decision about wether or not they should go on the pill??? What is wrong with these school officials??? Parents need to be informed.

Yeah, I know the reasoning behind this secrecy. Kids won't speak to their doctors etc., who are SUPPOSED to be responsible adults, if they fear that their parents will be told. It's poor reasoning. And adults who keep that kind of information from parents are irresponsible. I realize there are some parents who are also irresponsible, and would have really bad reactions. But maybe I'm just naive enough to believe that those kinds of parents are the minority. EVERY parent I know personally wants only the best for their children. And going on the pill before a girl even has a regular period is NOT the best.

I think our schools have begun to think too highly of their place in society. Yes, they are important. But when they think they have the right to keep important things from the parents of MINORS, they have gone way past the boundaries. And I include the medical profession as well.

Last week I took my 12 year old to have a physical so she could join the swim team at school. The doctor, when she went to do the more "personal" examination, asked my daughter if she wanted me to leave the room! AS IF! And she proceeded to say that, "next year we WILL kick her out, but this time you have a choice." Huh-uh. My daughter is MY responsibility, and I have a right to know what's going on in her life. I found it funny that the doctor asked if we had met DD's friends and their parents, because it was so important for us to know what kind of people she's hanging out with and yadda yadda yadda. I agree. 100%. But--er--ya think I shouldn't know if she's sexually active at that young an age?

It wasn't an issue for us...yet, because DD wanted me in there. Probably would have cried if I wasn't. She's not sexually active (Yes, I'm sure) either, and I will do everything in my power to keep her that way until she is on her own. And even then, I will hope and pray, mostly pray, she keeps herself until after she's married.

Is this just my religious bent? Well, yes, my beliefs do come into play here. But it's much more than just religion. Let's just pretend we can remove God and all the spiritual implications from this issue. What about my kid's health? Mental and physical. How good is it for a child still in development to be putting those kinds of drugs into her body? WITHOUT ME EVEN KNOWING IT??? The question is rhetorical. Or should be. And how responsible is it of officials--school or medical--to be aware that a CHILD is sexually active and running HIGH risks on multiple levels, and NOT tell the parents? What kind of damage would something like this do to my child's self esteem? Adults who engage in sexual activity outside of marriage often cannot handle it. Imagine a pre-teen or young teen.

This is just too much, and as you can see, it really makes my blood boil. It's wrong. Spiritually, morally, physically. It's irresponsible. It's unhealthy.

And then the schools and hospitals wonder why there are so many teen--and pre-teen, it would seem, pregnancies. Well, DUH! Their "solution" is to block out the parents. Keep them even more ignorant of what's going on in their teen's life. It's funny. Parents complain and plead for their teens to talk to them. But then the kids go off to school or the doctor, and it's reinforced to them to NOT talk to their parents. You know, I pity young people now days who are thinking of having children. If it's this bad now, what's it going to be like in another ten years or so? Especially if a certain female democrat gets into the presidency. (Woops. Did I say that out loud?) Oh, well...that's a whole other topic for discussion. But not here. I won't go there.

CNN link: story

Video of parent's reaction

P.S. I say bravo to the parents.


and bravo to you too lianne for this courageous post to vehemently disallow such a move of that Middle School in Maine, I really think that parents have the right to know what's going on in their young children, this desperate act of the school to clear it's name of the issues confronting their students is just a pollutant to the innocent mind of young children who may think that premarital or teenage sex is alright...
Michele said…
Hi, Lianne!
I didn't know you had a blog ... did I?
This is Michele, AABH from LASR.

Wow, I never heard of this!
Everything you said, I agree with.

I also, from my perspective, have to add this:

What about the children who have learning disabities? Those whose understanding of the choices they're being asked to make is questionable and doubtful?
Do these schools honestly think they are capable of making these decisions?
If so, they are as criminal as pimps and drug lords. Predation on the innocent for their OWN agendas.

Does that sound harsh?

I have enough on my hands protected my child's interests without schools added unnecessary battles. Tween can be educated with words , but the deeds and devices, until they are 18, belong under the guidance of parents.
That's OUR right, not the government of schools, states , or feds.

Very deep blog, Lianne!
Michele said…
OH, please excuse the MANY typo's I just saw AFTER I hit send.

That's my other name, you know ... Typo Queen.
Michele said…

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