Why is Jason hot?

A little off the topic of writing, but sort of still on the topic, all you readers of mine from the fanfiction site, tell me please, what is it about Jason Isaacs, especially as Colonel Tavington, that you love so much? From what I can tell, most of you young ladies are, well, young. Teens, or not far out of your teens. Mr. Isaacs is old enough to be father to most of you. (He’s only three years older than I.) So what is it about him? I’d really like to know. But please...let’s keep the responses rated PG. :)


Anonymous said…
Im a "history buff", as my friends and family like to call me, and my favorite war is the American Revolution. Its my whole imagination thing I like. But to answer the question I think it is because Tavington is a bad boy and he looks kind of young and I think I read somewhere that the character is actually supposed to be like 25.
Nausica said…
Such mesmerizing eyes cannot be unoticed I guess ;) he has this un je ne sais quoi. Isaacs just simply gives another dimension to the word vilain I think, I have always had a crush for the bad guys :) but he remains my fav actor from all his roles, Tavy is one of my fav with Percy in The Last Minute. I just love when an actor is not only attractive by his looks but by his presence, he is definitetly the man you can't miss on a screen. He can be cruel, evil, no matter what he will be still hot, he ages so well!...I am 10 years younger than him so not young anymore hehe :0) Is is still legal to drool like a teen again? (big grin)I guess yes.

Happy Easter Lianne by the way, thanks for your message and thank you for the great story you're writing!
ObeyThefluff said…
Ohhh Jason is hot simply because he is Jason! lol! Actually I think he is because his eyes are super sexy,ohhh and his lucius malfoy wig is hot, and the smirk! The smirk is a thing to be worshipped!

Liz said…
I don't know what it is about him, but I do seem to have a thing for older guys. I'm in my 20's and there's a few other actor's in their 40's that I like. Ok, you probably guessed, Johnny Depp is one of them, and Patrick Dempsey(he played as the mayor's son in Sweet Home Alabama)
I honestly don't know why I like Jason, when I first saw the Patriot I thought how awful, but several yrs. later I watched it again, and when he was riding up to the Martin's I thought wow, how did I ever miss him, lol. I think it's like everyone else was saying it's the eyes, and I just love that evil smirk that he often wears!! Now was this a question about if Jason was hot or Tavington, lol.

Even though I recieved the dvd for Christmas, I'm still probably going to buy the new dvd, because hopefully it'll be of some new footage with Tav. is that sad or what? lol
Ivy said…
Hmm...I've actually wondered the same thing myself. I think it's because he has this...I don't know, falsely caressing way of speaking, as if he actually cared (but you know he's pure evil); he's so intense and his eyes are gorgeous, as well as his smirk (I have decided that he is decidedly more evil as Tavington; Lucius Malfoy is evil as a stock character, but Tavington chose to be that way). Part of it, admittedly, is the uniform ;) Definitely. The whole air of command thing...but then, what distinguishes him from his superiors? He is very charismatic and just exudes...fearful respect. Everyone KNOWS who Tavington is, and he's not afraid to get in there and prove who he is.
Oh I need to not get so into this. Bad. Bad bad bad. But so damn hott. Did you know that I wanted to strangle the ACTOR when I finished watching The Patriot? Normally I have no problems separating the character from the actor in my mind, but I think he did too good of a job...
Oh, Tavington. *sigh* Jason in general *another sigh*
Ivy said…
Ha...I got a blog! I had one before (livejournal) but no one read it...so now maybe people will :) because I always want feedback on writing ideas etc. and this seems like a great way to do it.
As for hooking readers...I have the same problem with Winterstar. It drives me nuts. Ah well...one can only ask so much ;)
Anonymous said…
Time Rowanwood said…
Well, personally I have noticed that I'm attracted to older guys (it disgusts my little sister so well, so why not?). I mean, there's been Johnny Depp and James Marsters and a host of others that I liked because they aged well and I didn't find out about their real age until I started looking. But by now it's just kind of, alright, yeah, that's to be expected.

But the real thing is that I was watching Patriot because there was someone else I liked in it, and Tavington caught my eye. It started as a kind of obsession--I couldn't stop thinking about him. And before long... well, you get this, and Bloody Red Flag (fanfic) was sure to follow. It's his eyes, his absolutely fantastic eyes and his demeanour, and also his potential (though I've been accused of seeing this in every villain cuz I like villains as well) for redemption that makes him so...well, as you said, hot.
As always,
Tala said…
Yes, I have to admit, he is extremely attractive. It's his character, of course, the brutal, "I could care less" attitude. And those eyes. Yep. Them too. And I love that evil smirk. Heehee!
gc diane said…
Yes, Jason Isaacs is pretty good looking.........okay, okay VERY good looking. The first thing anyone notices of this man aare those piercing smoldering blue eyes. And then when I finally pulled out of my trance, I get a good look at his face and that's it I'm floored. But it gets oh SO much better when he opens his mouth to speak. He's got a big heart not only for acting, but for his fans, and most of all for his family. He's kind, warm, genuine, and hilariously funny which in all adds to the attractiveness. My fav. sexy performance of his would have to be Captain Hook in Peter Pan. I have never really ever been attracted to guys my age, even my first kiss was with an older guy. I just prefer older men, and ladies and gentlemen THAT is why I'm single at eighteen years old. lol
And PLEASE don't get me started on Tavy boy. From the first moment I saw him on the big screen *drool* I was mesmerized by the character...his brutality, his eagerness for victory, his harsh manner, his no nonsense attitude........*sigh* his cold blue eyes, those tight black breeches, that evil twitching eye, that deceitful naughty grin...need I explain more?

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