A Little Spring

I went out this morning to take some pictures of the lovely spring flowers and foliage around here. Who knows when I'll see some REAL spring again. I mean, it'll be eternal summer down in Florida, which will be pretty, I'm sure. But there's something special about those first buds and blooms after a long, hard winter. I wanted it well documented. I even filmed a little, just so I could get the sound of the birds. We're supposed to get thunderstorms this afternoon so I knew I had to get to it right away.

Isn't that the way it is with life, though? The trees have been getting prettier and prettier until they went into full bloom in the past couple of days. I kept telling myself I had to get pictures before the blooms all died...or blew or were washed away. There was always tomorrow.

Until today.

I don't know if the rain and wind really will remove the blooms from the trees, but I didn't want to risk it. As I walked through the park down behind our house, I couldn't help feeling a little sad. It's been there all along and I didn't take advantage of it nearly enough. And now I'm moving away.

It was a comfortably cool morning this morning, the sun was out, but the air was cool enough that I was able to wear a light sweater. Perfect weather, imho. And it's been like that for awhile now. Soon it'll be too hot, even here. I keep writing about missed opportunities, and hopefully it'll sink in one of these days. I really need to stop missing out on life. Well, some of the little pleasures in life, like a walk in the park on a beautiful morning.

And now I'll leave you with some of the pictures I took.

Have a great rest of the week.


Marianne Arkins said…
So PRETTY! I love all the flowers this time of year :-)

Spring is my favorite season.

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