Forgiveness and Beheadings

This afternoon as I was reflecting on the message Pastor Alex preached this morning at Summit Church, I went online to see if I could find a clip from an old miniseries I watched as a teen. In the process of searching, I found an article on the Christianity Today site that, while unrelated to the clip, is a perfect example of a point made in this morning's message that God can take evil and transform it into something beautiful, something that brings Him glory. If you have a few minutes, use them to read this article. It speaks loudly of how God makes beauty out of ashes as well as testifying to the uncommon faith of Christians who face persecution like we have never seen in the US. We would do well to learn from these Egyptian Christians since I believe the persecution they’re facing now is just around the corner for us. Here's the link.

In case you are curious, the clip I referred to is the execution of the apostle Paul from the 1985 miniseries A. D. What impacted me so much about that scene is the way Paul peacefully lay his head on the chopping block, closed his eyes as if he were just going to sleep, and accepted what was coming. I can easily believe Paul accepted his death in just such a way from the things he wrote. To live is Christ, but dying is great gain. Truly, the death of a believer is the beginning of a much more pleasant life. A great comfort for us saints in Christ considering all the ugliness going on in the world today. 


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