I'm Back!

Well, I hope to be, anyway. :) Although we're not exactly settled in--there are still boxes everywhere--we're in our new place, have the internet set up (finally!) and my kitchen is in order and I'm able to cook in it now. So I figured it was time to get busy online again.

This has been quite a move. A huge adjustment, to say the least. And there are plenty more adjustments awaiting us. I still have to get my girls registered in schools down here, and in August I'll be going back to work full time. The first full-time, outside the home job in 15 years. It'll be a HUGE adjustment for my family as well, to not have me at their beck and call at any time. I hope they handle it ok. Ha! I hope I handle it ok.

So yesterday we had our first gator sighting. It took longer than I expected. There's a pond/lake (whatever you want to call it...I think it's man-made, whatever it is) behind our apartment. We were told that occasionaly the gators would appear, especially after heavy rains. We had alot of rain yesterday and the day before, so I looked out the window every now and then to see what I might see. At first I didn't see the gator. I saw an odd looking, very green lizard head that almost blended in with the grass completely. Went to look closer, saw that it was an iguana. It splashed into the lake in a hurry, and that's when I saw the three little nubs sticking out of the water a little distance from the shore closest to our apartment. Curious and fearless, I went to check it out. The three little nubs disappeared under water, leaving behind nothing but bottom dirt swirling in the water. So it had moved, confirming it was living and not just a rock or some other type of flotsome. A little while later DH lookes out the window and sees the little guy out in the middle of the lake. We called management and this is what I hear. "Oh yeah, we're aware of him. He's just a baby. He won't hurt you. He's been here for about three weeks, now" Uh...ok. I'm not going to take their word for it. He might be a baby (and we can tell he is since his head is still quite little) but even baby gators have sharp teeth.

Yeah, welcome to South Florida! Needless to say, we will never, ever take our little doggie out without a leash. And never in the back yard. **grin**

In the above picture, you might not be able to see our gator friend too well unless you see the picture at it's regular size. (I think by clicking on the picture it takes you to a larger size?? Don't know for sure.) He's over on the far side, near the ducks, looks as if he's spying out a meal. If you look straight under the second palm to the left of the ducks, that's where he is.

This was this morning. He was back on our side again. But you can see how small he is. It's still rainy and overcast, but accoriding to management, when the sun's out, the gator comes out to sun himself. I'll be watching for that, you can be sure.


Marianne Arkins said…
Oh... ACK!! I hope Mama Duck keeps her babies away from that nasty ole gator.

Welcome to Florida. Ha.
Kelly Klepfer said…
Oh my. THAT is a change from the big I. Yikes. Gives a whole new meaning to "watch your back!"

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