Settling In

I think we're finally getting used to being in South Florida. It's still not where I'd rather be, but it's not as bad as it seemed when we first got here.

Yesterday DD2 was about fed up with having a pool close by, but not being able to go into it. Last week the two girls got up early every day to go help out with VBS (Vacation Bible School) at the church we've started attending here. (A good thing, too, because unknown to us, they have to have accumulated a certain amount of "community service" hours to graduate from high school!) They would get back home in the afternoons just in time...for thunder showers. Can't go in the pool with lightening! So yesterday we went to the pool. Put on our 30 SPF sunscreen...and got our first BURN of the season. I guess the "won't come off in the water" line is just a myth. So today we were going to put on our winter coats and hats to keep from burning more, and go bike riding. (Ok, so I was kidding about the winter coats and hats. Oy! Just the thought makes me break out in a sweat.) Thing is, the bikes all have flat tires. And the tire pump is in the trunk of our second car. And both sets of keys to the second car are in the new car. And DH has the new car 37 miles south in the Keys where he went to work today. Oh well! Guess I'll have to play on the computer all day.

Or not. There are still a number of boxes needing to be unpacked and stuff put away.

But at least we're in and able to unpack. We might still be sitting in a hotel room waiting for some Home Owner's Association background check to be completed. Things must have been really bad around here for awhile. But God was so good to us that He got us into our place within two days rather than two or three weeks. And that was WITH the background check completed. :)

DH is liking his new job so far. Folks are nice, and seem to have a real vision for what hospital chaplaincy is all about. So things are falling into place very nicely.

And now, I'm off to work. Those boxes won't unpack themselves, the little stinkers.

'Til next time (tomorrow, hopefully.)


Marianne Arkins said…
I'm glad you're settling in. You're so much better at accepting what you can't change than I am...

Charity said…
Sounds like an adventure! When we went to Mexico, I pretty much dipped the kids in a vat of SPF 50--that seemed to do the trick.

Best wishes for your new home and your DH's new job.
A-Dawg said…
I need to fix my bike, since I'm spending all day on this computer.

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