Just In Time For Valentines...

Since I don't know where we're going to be next winter, and since I have never seen SO MUCH snow (it's snowing AGAIN today!) in my entire life, I've actually been having fun taking pictures of it. Next year we might be in sunny Florida, or temperate Virginia. No, that's not a hint of anything to come. Just throwing out places. :) But I don't think we'll be in a place quite this cold or that gets this much snow. And that's fine. While I've been enjoying the snow, I don't have to go out in it too much. My family, bless their hearts, do, and I know they are just sick of it. But now I'm rambling. Sorry.

In honor of the snow and Valentine's day, I've posted another picture. Two, actually.

Every now and then, when we walk down to the park, we get a glimpse of a pair of tree sprites. They're odd creatures, and not little fairy types, either. Tall, slender and willowy. Like trees. But if you sneak up on them real quiet like, you might catch them in an intimate embrace. Like this one. :)

I guess I wasn't quiet enough in the fall. Too many dry leaves. The crunch must have scared them away, because I didn't get a shot. But I did catch them in the summer. So this past Sunday when we were driving by, I decided to check up on them again. They are quite the romantic pair, and they love to be out under the trees. I believe that the legend goes, if you can sneak up on them and catch them in a passionate clinch, you're bound to be in love for the rest of your life. Since I'm such a romantic soul and I want everyone to be in love and stay in love, I figured I'd catch them for you. So here they are in the snow. They don't look very cold, do they? The temp was -1 when I snapped this picture! Didn't seem to phase them.

Tomorow, if you come back, you might get to see them in the summer. So y'all come back, now.


Marianne Arkins said…
So... a little bird said you might come to Laconia.... guess not, huh?


Judy Thomas said…
I love the "sprites." And the legend. And the fact that south is good ;-)

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