Summer Sprites...and Other Stuff

As I promised, here are my tree sprite lovers in the summer. I can understand why they like this spot. It's pretty no matter what time of year.

So now I'll confess. I made up the legend. I don't know anything about these guys. There's no identifying plaque, so I don't even know who the artist is, what they are supposed to be (but I do think they are supposed to be tree sprites because they just kinda look like concrete tree people). But I'm intrigued every time I see it, and I figured the pair made a good "conversation piece" for this romantic time of year.

As far as plans for the future...Laconia is definitely out. That was my first choice, or maybe tied with Lynchburg, VA, but oh well! Neither of them panned out.

So there's a hospital in Florida that is really hot on my hubby's tale. They want to fly him there for an interview. And while I'm not too thrilled about the sub zero temperatures we've been getting here, I'm even less thrilled with the thought of southern Florida. With menopause right around the corner (no, not yet, just looking to the future), and me not being real fond of hot, humid weather...well, you get the idea. I'll be cooped up inside no matter what. And it's at least a five year committment because of getting the kids through high school. I was hoping for some place mid term, like Virginia or North Carolina. But hey, we go where God leads, and where the jobs open up, right?

Have a great day, and stay warm. Or cool, depending on where you are. :)

Oh, and it's not snowing today. Bright sun. But -7 degrees. Go figure!


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