Books That Grab

I thought I'd switch gears today and discuss something that I originally intended this blog for. Books and writing.

I've been reading a series that has gripped me so thoroughly, that even though I'm into the third book and I'm hating it, I can't stop reading. I LOVED the first two books, but this one--it--I--grr! I was so angry the other day because of the things that happened in the book, that my family asked ME what was wrong. I guess it showed. :)

Without going in to why I was angry--I'm not here to do a review of this particular book--I wanted to explore another thought, one more meaningful to me as an author. Yes, I said up above that I'm hating the book. I really am. I don't at all like what is happening to the characters, but I'm still reading. I couldn't fall asleep the other night, I was so angry, and kept telling myself, it's just a book, for crying out loud! But my extreme anger tells me something else. Any book that would evoke that kind of passion in a reader must have something to it. So I asked myself why I got so angry. Well, because I didn't want those things to happen to the characters. Why? They're just fictional characters. It's not like they're me, or my friends and family.

Well hold on. I do feel like I know these people, and I am as defensive about them as I would be of a best friend or even of myself. Aha! So there's the key. I care about the characters. I know fiction has to have conflict. Conflict is great and moves the story forward and keeps readers turning pages. But the stuff in this book hurt! I mean, really hurt. And that can only mean that the author did a really good job in creating these characters and making them real for me. Otherwise, I wouldn't care.

So tell me, what kinds of books grab you, and why?


Mert said…
Hi Lianne, I have to agree with all of what you said. I have written short stories and have started books (only to scrap them later)... but as a novice author I have to say that I get very attached to my characters. I'm one of those people who as a general idea for a plot but I let my fingers take over sometimes and the plot defines itself as I write. I'm also one of those people that others scoff at and I do say that sometimes I really don't know what is going to happen until I begin typing... and my characters kind of take over. You know what I mean right?

That's why I also become very angry when I read a book and the story takes a completely unexpected turn that doesn't fit the plot or characters at all. Or when the author seeming doesn't care about the characters anymore and just plows ahead to finish the book. I soooo get what you mean.

I find it hard to believe that since even I- a novice- become very attached to my characters, that an author would do that.

BTW, thanks so much for commenting on my blog... I hope to come back again and read more of your thoughts.:)

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