Writer's Woes

Have you ever been working fast and furious on a WIP (work in progress) and suddenly you lost your inspiration? Or then maybe you just lost your enthusiam for it?

That happened to me recently. Getting words on the page was like pulling teeth. I was happy if I got 200 words written. Then suddenly, in one single afternoon, I got over 6000 words done. I was thrilled. You know, doing the Snoopy Dance and all that. So the next day, I sat down at my computer. Cracked my knuckles over the keyboard. Rolled my shoulders. Sat back in my chair. Placed my fingers on the keyboard...


Absolutely nothing.

I forced it. Got maybe 250 words written, hoping the creativity would start to flow. But it didn't, and I finally gave up and read a book instead.

So I have no answers, only questions. If you're a writer, has this ever happened to you? Do you know how to get out of this floundering in a pool of unenthusiasm? I've heard "just write." It didn't work for me. Maybe I didn't try hard enough? Tips and advice welcome. :)


Lordmanilastone said…
Hi Lianne, I can relate to this post and I often see myself wandering. There are times I just can't think of how to start an article. I tend to procrastinate then as a result. Sometimes, I have to amuse myself watching TV before coming back to my computer. Sometimes, in the middle of writing, I feel lost again so I smoke. I think it happens to everybody. By the way I am glad to have met you and Judy. Thanks for the visits and the comments.^^

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