I've Been Tagged

So I've been tagged. :) What fun! I know this post should have gone up last Friday, or even Monday. Well, yesterday...um...and then today my computer's electrical cord bit the dust. So I'm only now getting to it.

I'm supposed to list eight fabulous things about my husband and me. Ok, so here goes.

1. We're both July babies. His birthday is 12 days after mine. Same year. (So for 12 days he tortures me because I'm so much OLDER.)

2. He plays the piano. I sing. We do well together. :)

3. We may be from the same month and year, but we are like day and night. Even out tastes in some things (like music, for example) are directly opposite to each other. But it doesn't bring about much conflict. It's like the saying, opposites attract. That's us. :)

4. We were both born in Brazil, making us both Brazilian citizens, but we are both American citizens as well.

5. I'm a natural born American, because my parents are both American. DH is a naturalized American.

6. We have been happily married for 17 years.

7. We were married on April 7, the day after my parents' wedding anniversary.

8. We both believe we have gypsie blood in our veins. We have moved around alot, and it seems to suite us fine. As we age, that will probably change, but the thrill of a new place still fills us with excitement.

So there you have it. I'm not sure how "Fabulous" those 8 things are, but they are interesting little tidbits about us. :)


Judy Thomas said…
Even as long as I've known y'all I was still able to learn something new. :-) Thanks for playing.

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