Beyond The Middle

I just discovered my new favorite song. It's from Casting Crown's latest CD. I heard it for the first time yesterday when I was going to pick up my daughter from school. At first, I found it pretty. But then I listened more closely to the words and I knew it was for me. The words of that song really convicted me because they describe where I am right now. Somewhere in the Middle. And I want to move beyond the middle to the place God wants me to be. So I'm starting now, giving glory to God for all He has done for me.

God is so good. Well duh, you say. Of course He is. :) And I know He is, but sometimes He really goes overboard in showing us His goodness. He has blessed me so much recently, despite my ungratefulness. But yesterday He really came through in a bunch of small ways that, added together, equaled a big way. Funny thing, the song came after everything else.

As you know, if you've been reading along for awhile here, right now our future is a little uncertain. Both DH and I have been anxious, wishing God would show us clearly what He has in store for us. Ok, so I think He is being pretty obvious, but there are some details still needing to be worked out for everything to be final. And there's the little issue that no one wants to go to Florida. But in the devotional for yesterday's Our Daily Bread, He really hit me over the head with the truth that He is in control. The Bible passage was from Matthew 6:25-34, the one that talks about the birds of the air and the lillies of the field who neither toil nor spin. God takes care of them and since and we're more important to Him than birds or flowers, He'll take care of all our needs as well.

That devotional really hit home. God is so like that, isn't He? He gave just the word of comfort I needed at just the right moment. He could have sent me something else, like a rebuke for all my grumbling. But no, He chose to send me assurance and comfort.

Here's the song, Somewhere In The Middle by Casting Crowns.


Marianne Arkins said…
I'll try to leave the editor in me aside and ignore all the really bad spelling in the words on that video and just say: what a great song!

And, it's often hard to find peace with our situations. That's just human nature. You'll be fine :-)

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