Digression and More Randomness

I had a little digression this week. I apologize. There was just so much going on around here that I didn't get around to posting. But I'm back for today and hope to be back again on Monday.

Tomorrow I get to meet up with a bunch of other authors. Woo-hoo! A group of about 10 or so writers in the area are getting together at a restaurant to just chat writing and see what we can do to help each other. I'm really looking forward to it. It's not often I get the chance to meet with other odd balls writers. So I should have plenty to blog about after that.

Last night was opening night for my DD1's musical. It's an old musical that was put out in movie form in 1966. We rented the movie, and found it to be rather inappropriate for high school kids to put on. So we went not expecting much, but going to support our daughter. But what fun! We laughed so hard. It's amazing the talent some of these young kids have. I won't be surprised if some day we see some of them on Broadway or then on tv.

Did I mention that I've packed my first two boxes? I figure there are things I don't use often, and probably won't use within the next two months. So since I had two empty boxes, I figured I'd fill them with some of that stuff. It felt odd.

I keep going back and forth in my feelings about going to Florida. I'm ready to go because I hate to sit around waiting. But southern Florida still frightens me on mulitple levels. And the more I think of it, it's not just the heat that scares me. But I won't go into all that now. :)

We're supposed to get snow, but it's bright and sunny out right now and I'm hoping (praying, really) that it stays that way. We chose April 12 for our author get together because everyone figured the weather would be NICE by then. Ah well. God is letting it stay cool for me. lol. Giving me a break before sweltering down in Florida for the rest of my life.

Ok...off to clean house. Got company coming for the weekend.

Have a great weekend, and here's wishing everyone some SPRING!


Marianne Arkins said…
Oh.. have a great time with your writing friends!!!

What show was it your DD was in?
Susan Mires said…
It was a great time, wasn't it? It was so good to see you this weekend. And the musical was delightful! She's very talented.
John said…
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