Happy New Year, and Resolutions

Happy New Year! I made a resolution to start being more faithful to my blog. Yesterday didn't count, because it was still a holiday and the family was all at home. (Yeah, yeah, I hear you. Excuses, excuses!) But today I start fresh, and hope I can at least keep THIS resolution.

So I'm going to start by saying, don't pay any attention to my last post. The one where there's a commercial for Simpleology. I had to post that so I could get to the "free course" on blogging. Well, I did what I was supposed to do and I got sent to a page that was another commercial for the Simpleology group. Fine, no problem, I understand they need to market their goods. But when I went to a new page that said I had to sign up for something that I could try for 30 days free, well, I got nervous. I'll admit, I didn't go any farther than that, so I don't know if a credit card was actually involved. But I don't trust these "try it for free or get your money back" deals. It's often a run around to get your money back, so I don't even go there. Needless to say, I never did find/get to the free tips on blogging. I hope no one else had this experience because of me. If you did, I apologize.

Now, I'm not saying that those people are frauds. I don't know anything about them. I'm just saying that I didn't give them my trust based on my own past experiences, and because of that, I didn't even get to the article on blogging. But I'm going to take a chance on myself, and trust that I'll be able to do this on my own. :) So if you're reading this, take a moment and leave me a comment. A simple "I read it!" will suffice for now. lol. I just need that little encouragement so I know someone is actually reading my words.

Ok, enough wining. Tomorrow life goes back to "normal". (Translation: Kids go back to school.) So maybe tomorrow I'll have something really good to say.

Happy New Year, and may you be highly blessed by God as 2008 progresses. That's my prayer for all my friends (if you read my blog, that means you), and for myself as well.


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