Much Ado About...Nothing!

No, you won't find any Shakespeare here. I just thought it was a catchy title for this post. **GRIN** But if you read to the end, you might see the relevance.

I've been a bit of a mess this week, so I'm sorry I haven't been as faithful over here. But I'm starting to feel better, and I want to get myself back up and running again. No, not literally. It is WAY too cold outside to go running. I woke up this morning to a groan-worthy low of -12. At least I didn't have to go out in it so early, but the kids and hubby did, the poor dears. At least their buses are heated.

Anyway, I thought I'd pop on to say something really witty and deep. Ok, so nothing very witty has come to mind let alone deep. So let me rephrase. I thought I'd pop on to say something.

Now I don't like to post just to post. Really I don't. I mean, what's the purpose in that? It seems kinda, well, meaningless. And now I'm getting repetitious. The funny thing is, when I'm falling asleep at night, or in the middle of cooking, or cleaning, or taking a name it...when I'm busy with something else, that's when really good ideas come to me. But by the time I sit down and open up my little blogger dashboard and get ready to write...

Yeah, I think you get the picture. Anyone else have that problem? I don't set out to say something super deep every time, although I would settle for witty every time. **G** But I guess I'm just not that witty of a person after all. More's the pity.

So I guess I just used a whole post to say that, well, I have nothing to say. But please keep coming back, and indulge me with your comments. I'm still learning all the ins and outs of blogging, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to address your comments in my posts or not. I'm thinking not, but posting on your blogs would be good. Yeah, that should have been part of my resolution, shouldn't it? Post to mine, and comment on others. Ok, well, January is almost over, but I've got me another resolution.

Have a great weekend if I don't see you all here tomorrow. I'll try to be here, if you do. :)


Judy Thomas said…
I don't reply on my comments because, for the most part, I don't think people go back and read the comments again once they've posted. I know I don't.

What I try to do is every time they come to my blog and comment, I go to theirs and comment. Especially if they have asked a question.. I will answer on their comments. Of course, sometimes that means my comments have nothing to do with what they are blogging about, but... c'est l'vie.

Of course, I don't have any problems at all blogging about nothing ... but you knew that already. lol

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