Simon Says...

So we were watching American Idol last night. Boy, what a circus! But the last contestant for the night was this sweet young thing, 23 or 24 years old, can’t remember which. And she started talking about herself at the judges request. Somehow it came out that she doesn’t watch R rated movies, never has. So they asked her why, and she said it was because her parents set some guidelines while she was growing up, and it just made sense. So even now that the choice is her own, she doesn’t watch R rated movies. She went on to say that along with that came the “don’t drink, don’t smoke” and that made sense to her too. So she doesn’t do those things. So I’m saying Bravo! for her. But Randy and Simon right away start to make fun. Simon more than Randy. Of course. She finally sang, after the two goofs stopped goofing, and she did a good job. She was in. But you know Simon, even if you don’t watch the show. He just had to be, well, Simon. Randy’s telling her he likes her, there’s something pure about her, she seems nice. Paula agrees. And Simon agrees that she’s nice, has talent and yadda yadda, but... “You’re maybe a little worthy...”

Maybe a little worthy? What is wrong with this guy? I think he was jealous cuz he liked her and she’s already married. But anyway. She doesn’t like to watch R rated movies. She doesn’t drink and she doesn’t smoke. With the way things are in this society, shouldn’t TV personalities encourage that kind of behavior? This girl appears to be a great role model for today’s youth. If she lives up to her testimony of clean living, then she should be encouraged, not made fun of.

But I guess misery loves company, right? I cannot imagine that a man like Simon is truly very happy. I hope he is, but I have a tendency to doubt it. And that would account for why he’d make fun of a sweet girl like that.

I hope she makes it, if not to the end, at least a long way on. And I hope American Idol doesn’t ruin her morals. I saw it happen, at least on the surface, last season with one of the contestants.

Now if I could only remember her name...


Judy Thomas said…
the fact you can't probably says a lot... You know, I think we're the only people in America who've never seen AI. Marianne doesn't miss an episode, I don't think.. she could probably tell you who you are thinking of :-)

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