Just Ranting

So today I had the immense displeasure of seeing The Planet of the Apes. 1968 version. Hubby stayed home from work, you see. Seems he's picked up the bug that went around the rest of the family the two weeks before. And so, with DH home, naturally, the TV was on all day long. Hey, it's just a fact of life. As he was flipping through the channels, here's this scene that looked to me like a bunch of cavemen running through a corn field. What the heck? I said out loud. I thought it was some new Geico commercial. Grr...Me and my big mouth. DH stopped, and we had to sit through two or so agonizing hours of really bad acting, creepy 60's movie music, and the biggest piece of heretical junk I've ever seen. I was disappointed in Charleton Heston. I expected a lot more from the man who played Moses and Ben Hur.

Of course, I don't know why I still bother being disappointed in Hollywood folk. It seems they're natural inclinations are so opposed to my own that there will never really be one who doesn't disappoint me in some way or other.

I'm also coming to the conclusion that our society really hasn't changed all that much in the past few decades. I was under the false impression that people, even Hollywood, had a little more morality back then. Silly me. Movies like that show me that mankind was the same old rotten creature in past decades as he is now. Always rebeling against God in some way or other.

Sometimes I imagine God looks down on earth and weeps. But after what I saw today, sometimes I wonder if He doesn't just look down and laugh. Not out of humor, of course, because there is nothing funny about rebelling against God. But you know, that sarcastic kind of laughter that goes with when He says, "Who does man think he is?"

On the other hand, this gives me a little hope. If it's always been bad, then maybe society isn't really getting worse. Maybe I've just begun to grow up and see things for how they really are...and always were. Maybe...just maybe...we're only seeing mankind being more honest about what's really in his heart. And we know what the Bible says about what's really in our hearts. Well, I know what it says, and I believe it!

You know the worse part about The Planet of the Apes? They went on to make more of them! Three more, I believe, not counting the 2001 remake. Talk about a waste of money.


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