A Contest for You

A contests! What fun! Ok, so I've used up my quota of exclamation marks for the decade. Don't sue me, but do go check out the pre-Grand Opening contest for the new Long and Short Reviews site at The Long and Short Reviews Contest Page. This really is an offer you can't refuse. If you like free books, that is. I won't hold you up here, so just go to The Long and Short Reviews contest page and check it out. Oh, this is a sticky note, btw, so if you are reading this on any day other than Monday, August 13, 2007, you'll have to scroll down for any more recent posts I might have up here. :)


aBookworm said…
I can't resist! Count me in :-)
Love to see another writer who LOVES JESUS! Mind if I link to you?
BethRe said…
Please count me in Thanks
Booklogged said…
Count me in on the contest, too. Thank-you!
Cool sticky note -- love what you ladies have done. I'm looking forward to checking out all the authors I've been introduced to.
Doreen said…
I love Jesus too!! It's awesome to find others that love HIM too!!Please enter me into the contest!
Titus 2 Heart said…
I would love to win this!! Thanks!!

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