Thank you!

**Note: This should have been posted on Friday, August 17, 2007. I'm a day and a half late, but here goes...

Hey folks. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to all you wonderful people who took time to comment. Made my day. Several times in a row. :)

So it looks like we've survived this week. Well, the week's not done yet, but it's almost. Still have some last minute school stuff to take care of. Daughter number 2 has everything but a gym t-shirt and a back pack. Daughter number 1 needs those, plus a bus schedule! School starts on Monday, and we still don't have her bus schedule. How utterly trying. Plus, DH goes out of town today for two weeks. **sigh** I'll miss him. That means, of course, that anything that goes wrong the first week of school I'll have to deal with alone. (But that's not the reason I'm sighing and complaining that I'll miss him. I'll just miss HIM.) So the five am wake-ups will probably begin all over again.

On a positive note, we made it to both parent orientation nights. Left one early and made it a little late to the other, but all in all, pretty painless. AND...we got both girls to their orientations on time. Or almost. Dropped DD 1 off early and rushed across town in the rain to drop DD2 off for hers. She was a little late, but being our drama queen and lover of the lime light, I don't think she minded walking in a little late. So that part is over, and we can pretend to relax until Monday morning. Then the rat race begins in earnest. **G**

So have a great weekend, everyone. And if you haven't already, be sure to check out the LASReviews contest. (See sticky note post above.)


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