Registration Day

Does that not sound like the title of a horror novel or movie? No? Ah, well maybe you're a veteran at this thing. Today is registration day for my 9th grader, and I woke up at 5 am and couldn't go back to sleep because of it. What's the big deal, you're probably asking. See, we've been homeschooling up til now and this will be the first in many years that she's gone to regular school. Did it for a year in 2nd grade, but for some reason, it wasn't as scary for me when she was that age. Now I'm sending my first baby off to high school! **gasp!** So this next year will be full of new things for all of us. I'm trusting it'll be a good year, but that trust doesn't keep the knots from forming in my gut. Ah...the joys of having teens. :)


Judy Thomas said…
M. will be just wonderful. She's a great kid and everyone will love her (including all the cute boys :-))

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