Gah! This blogging thing is hard. Or then I'm simply the world's worst blogger. I feel very strongly about things, and every day I get an idea for something to blog about. But when I open up the new post page, my mind draws a blank. Some writer I am, huh? lol.

So all that aside, I do have something to say today, and I even remember what it is. :) As you might know if you've been reading any of my posts, or if you know me personally, I am a writer. I've had one book published, but it seems the muse left me after that. Well, not really. Life got in the way and I got lazy. But now I'm back to taking writing seriously. I cannot cry the woes of most writers, of having lots of rejections plastering my walls. You've got to send out proposals to get rejections! I have three stories that are almost finished and that I would love to try to pitch to some publisher out there. I want to finish all of them, but I feel this block when it comes to trying to finish any one of them, and no inspiration at all. So while I was moping about today, this thought flitted across my mind.

What's the use of this anyway? It all seems so futile. What will my silly little stories matter? Especially, I thought, the fact that I write historicals. What importance does a fictional story that took place in the past hold for today? It's all futile, I thought. It serves no purpose whatsoever. Entertainment, sure. But there are plenty of folks out there providing entertainment. Why should I beat my head against the wall to be just one more? I thought of chucking it all to the wind. But then a miracle happened.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't exactly a miracle, but it was kinda cool. Another thought, not my own, but one whispered in my mind's ear by One even greater than any mythological muse, came to me.

"Is my Book, filled with stories of heroes and villains from the past, futile?"

Wow! Talk about your slap in the face, wake up call. Ya can't get more "past" than the book of Genesis. So now I am no closer to finishing my stories, or even to getting them in the hands of a publisher than I was before I started to pout. Then again, maybe I am. For now I have been given a word of hope from the One who first put in my heart the need to create stories. He doesn't promise me that I'll ever see another book published with my name on it. But He did let me know quite clearly that writing fiction that honors Him is in no way futile. Now that's a Father's care. :)


Sam said…
Whats your book all about? I'm interested to read it.


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