Well, we survived the first two days of school. I wasn't so sure Monday morning. I put my two "babies" on their respective busses and walked home from the bus stop feeling very empty. Then I walked into the house. And IT was very empty. I had a glimpse into what empty nesters go through, I guess, with the exception that I knew the kids would be home in the afternoon. But I made it, and so did the girls. Day two was just a little easier to let them go when the bus came. I got alot done around the house, and didn't have any lights left on in the bedrooms to be turning off every five minutes. *g* Hey, I might just get to the point where I enjoy this new phase of my life. And once the girls find their place and make friends, I know they'll be glad they aren't having to put up with Mom teaching them any more. :) I don't regret a single day of homeschooling, but I suppose it was time to let them go.

Thanks to all of you who have left comments. You guys are great!

So have a great day, and a great second half of the week.


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