Well, so far I've been headache free for the entire day. That's two days in a row. Whoo-hoo!

We had an interesting day today. Got up at a reasonable time and hit the road for the Badlands. If I had not seen them before, I might not even believe they existed. It was flat terraine, then we got into some gently rolling hills. Pretty. A little different from the flat. Then all of a sudden, we started to see the eroded look. I started to breathe easier, because I think the family was starting to think I'd lost my mind. **G** Once we were in there, though, it was breathtakingly beautiful. We took alot of pictures, and it was hard to boil it down to just a few. But I think I got some of the best shots.

When we first got in, there was a tiny bit of snow on the ground. Not alot. In some places there wasn't any. But by the exit of the park, it was pretty full of snow.

At least the roads weren't bad, and we made it to Wall, then on to Keystone.

Here I am with the girls. They're a silly couple of kids, but I love 'em. :)

And of course, here's my hottie DH. It was COLD, but the silly wanted to be "brave" for the pictures, and took off his coat.


Marianne Arkins said…
What a great trip! You're making me want to do it myself. So, did you really dance at the feet of the presidents? *G*

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