Saturday DH got home from Florida. Things went well. He really liked the hospital and the people with whom he interviewed. They didn't offer him the job yet, but he's feeling confident that they probably will. I thought I had accepted Florida. And until yesterday I had. With no really enticing prospects in other places, Florida seemed, well, Ok. But yesterday DH was looking through some other job listings, and found a position for a youth pastor at a church in...**sigh**...Colorado Springs. He sent out his resume right away, and now we sit and wait. With that hope, of course, I find myself all the way back at square one about Florida...absolutely hating the idea of it. It was never my first choice, of course. I loved the idea of Laconia, NH. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. And now I'm feeling very negative about CS, because I really, really want that! I love working with youth, and I loved CS. DH was so sweet. He's so sick of the cold weather, and I can hardly blame him. He doesn't like the idea of Florida all that much, because he's not thrilled with year round heat. He's just not as opposed to it as I am. But yesterday he said he would even be willing to put up with cold winters to make me happy. Thing is, it's not really up to him at this point. He's done his best. The rest is up to God. And I know that God will take us to the place that's best for us and for His will. It just seems that God's will and mine have been clashing an awful lot in the past decade or so. Not all the time, but often enough that I'm trying desperately not to get my hopes too set on Colorado.

Soon. Wherever we're going to be, I'll be knowing soon. And that's something to look forward to. I'm ready to be settled, one way or another.


Judy Thomas said…
The knowing soon will be the good part. And, no matter sometimes how we want to pull against it, He really DOES see the bigger picture while we only see the tangled mess on the back of it :-)

Of course... Florida/Georgia.... Colorado/Georgia....sigh.....

Marianne Arkins said…
Hey... Tell DH that Colorado is actually quite pleasant, especially in the Springs. There were winter days I wore a t-shirt. The humidity is so low that the snow is powder and falls and melts in a day. We never had much accumulation (well... with the exception of the blizzard in 1997...but don't tell him that). We didn't even own a snowblower!

Colorado is a lovely, lovely place to be.

Still, Florida has Judy close by and that's a doozy of a recommendation!


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