Nothing to Say

Well, it's Friday. I made it through the week and posted on a regular basis. lol. That's pretty good for me. But today I'm left with nothing interesting to say. But that might be a good thing. The kids have friends coming over tonight, so if I don't want them to be embarrassed by a messy house, I need to clean up. It's not too bad. Just a little clutter that needs to be addressed anyway, so now's a good time to do it. So let me just wish y'all a great Friday and a wonderful, restful or fun weekend.

Thanks to Marianne for being so faithful to my blog this week, and actually commenting! It means alot. :) Marianne, I like who your favorite author is. lol. I'll have to get some of her books to read.

And thanks to Charity who responded with such words of wisdom on yesterday's post. Truly, what she said made alot of sense. And Charity, if you're reading this, loved the TP-ing Casa de Cluney short story. I found it by wandering through your links.

See y'all Monday, hopefully.


Anonymous said…
Oh, thanks for the kind words, even if you don't like Mr. Clooney (a little bird told me, or was it a yahoo group, LOL). Or maybe you liked the fact Tess was going to TP his house?

Either way, thanks.

Oh, and if you ever need to feel better about the state of your house, just imagine mine. Always a mess.

Marianne Arkins said…
Happy Friday. Sounds like you had plenty to say :-)

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