First, I got an award! Yey! Thanks, Judy. :) I give you the award right back. I'm not sure how to put it on here, but I'll work on that tomorrow night.

So we're in South Dakota. Yey! No pics yet. We got a late start (long story...shortened version following) and just wanted to get as close to Wall, SD as possible. It's supposed to snow tomorrow (Sunday) so I don't know how much we'll get to do. We're in a little place called Oacoma, about 150 miles east of Wall and the Badlands.

On to my little adventure yesterday. I've been having these headaches all week long. They seem to hit every other day. Grr! So yesterday (Friday) when we were getting ourselves together in the morning, I started with the blurred vision and headache. DH hurried to get me into see a doctor. Well, when I explained all that had been going on all week long, the doctor ordered an immediate CT scan. It came back normal. They even found my brain in there somewhere. **G** But the diagnosis is that I'm having migraines. Well, I figured. I was hoping maybe it was sinus, and they would give me some really killer meds that would clear it up and I'd be fine. No deal. They gave me a prescription for something that should take care of the headache if it comes back. But it can make me groggy. Obviously, I'm hoping for no headache.

Anyway, with all that going on, we left two hours later than we were supposed to. Got to Omaha to DH's cousin's house after 8. Then, eat polite...I wasn't hurting anymore, but being in pain all day really wears me out. So I was ready for bed, and still only got there around midnight. Then it was late getting on the road today. You know how family is. :) It was after 1 PM when we finally got on the road.

So we only got as far as Oacoma, but the place we stopped is very pretty. A little hilly area right on the Missouri River. I'm hoping the snow will hold off tomorrow, at least until we get close to the Badlands or Mt. Rushmore. We're being very leisurely about all of this. We get as far as we get and no worries.

But tomorrow I should have some pictures. I'll post them as soon as 1. I have them, and 2. we're in a hotel with internet access. Tonight, obviously, we have. :) But ya just never know.

And now I'm gonna head to bed. I don't want to over tax my eyes and give myself a headache for tomorrow!

Here's my little meez, walzting for the Presidents. :)

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Marianne Arkins said…
ick... sorry about your headaches. But I hope you have an awesome time traveling!!

Love the Meez...

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