Letter to Me

Yesterday I was being a good girl, and reading over the blogs of some of my friends. :) Judy's blog had a question that made me think alot of my current favorite song, "Letter To Me" by Brad Paisley. The question on Judy's blog was, basically, if you could go back in time, what would you change about your past? Well, there are alot of little things I might change. But looking back at all the major things in my life, there is very little I'd want to be different. I'd still marry the same man, have the same children, make the same friends. I would take each day as it comes and not worry too much about the future, for one. But that's not too much different from what I already did so far in my life. I would spend more time with loved ones, especially my dad, who died twenty-five years ago, today, when I was just sixteen. And of course, I'd dedicate myself alot sooner to my writing.

Here's the link to the Brad Paisley song on You Tube. I tried to embed, but it's not allowed for this song. So gotta just give you the link.

Letter To Me

Enjoy. :)


Marianne Arkins said…
I LOVE that song... it's great. OTOH, I figure my past is what brought me here, and if I changed something bad, maybe I'd miss something good.


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