Yey! It's Friday!

I'm glad it's Friday. I'm exhausted. I was up far longer than I should have been last night, writing. With DH gone, I didn't feel the need to rush to bed once the kids were down. Mistake. I have a doctor's appointment this morning at 9:20. I wasn't worried about staying up late because I thought I could just go back to sleep once the kids left for school. Serves me right for not looking at my appointment card BEFORE I decided to stay up. I thought the appointment was at 2:20 for some reason. Must have gotten it mixed up with my appointment on Tuesday. Ack! So now I'm dragging. But maybe it's a good thing it's early. I can go in and get it over with, THEN come home and go to bed.

We had a little excitement yesterday when I took DH to the airport. It was raining and snowing, and then just snowing, and we were afraid his flight might have been canceled. It was. Not because of the weather, I'm not sure why it was cancelled. But the bigger problem was that when he asked if they could put him on some other flight, they told him that his ticket had never been paid for. Yikes! The folks in Florida were supposed to take care of that. So he called the man he's been communicating with all these months, and eventually everything got worked out and they put him on another flight. The poor dear only got to his hotel sometime around 1 AM and then had to wash the shirt he'd planned to use today because something in his suitcase had spilled on it. I'm sure he's dragging a whole lot more than I am!

He called this morning to say that he's still not thrilled with the idea of being so close to Miami. But at least Homestead is a little different. He said it doesn't seem as crowded, so that's a plus. I just told him to take it one step at a time, that he doesn't have to make any decisions right away. But I think the fact he woke up to 60 degree weather rather than 20 degrees might make a difference. lol.

Yeah, we woke up to snow on the roof. Ah well, at least it's not snowing anymore and the sun is out. That little dusting of snow is going to melt off the roof in no time.

So have a great weekend, and I'll "see" you on Monday.


Marianne Arkins said…
yep, it's 60 there now... ask him how he feels about the weather in August! LOL...

There are hospitals in Colorado, you know.

((evil laughter here))

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