We're home, now, and trying hard not to be ungrateful. It was a wonderful trip, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. We finished up by going to visit my uncle who lives near Kansas City, MO. It was a nice visit, and he took us into Liberty, MO, to see the first bank that Jesse James and his gang robbed. We didn't take the tour, but we did peek in the window to see what the little room looked like. And I got a couple shots of the girls in front of it.

Today we start back into the full swing of things with a VERY busy day. DH has a doctors appointment today at 9 to see an endocrinologist about a possible parathyroid problem that might be causing his kidney stones. Then I get to go for an MRI at 11. Then DH has another doctor's appointment at 2 to see if something other than the possible parathyroid problem is causing the arthrosis in his shoulders and knees. (He's too young to have these kinds of bone problems!) Then at 3:45 DD2 has a dentist appointment, and DD1 has play rehearsal after school from which we'll have to pick her up. At least I managed to get everyone up and out of here on time today. But that's really no credit to me. They're an easy bunch to work with. :) God was very good to me when He gave me the family I have.

So I won't be saying a whole lot more than this today. I need to get moving. Gotta shower, then see if I can get some of this house straightened up before I start my running around. But tomorrow I will be back, hopefully with something intelligent to say.

Have a great week.


Marianne Arkins said…
Welcome home!!
Judy Thomas said…
Welcome home and glad y'all had a great trip. Wonderful memories!

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