Keystone and Mt. Rushmore

What a neat day today. We got to Keystone yesterday (Sunday) to find it under 6 inches or so of snow. Funny thing about Keystone. It's like it just shut down for the winter. The whole thing is one big tourist trap, of course, being the "home" of Mt. Rushmore. But only one little restaurant was open, and the hotel we stayed in only had a few rooms cleaned and ready for guests. Still, it was quaint. With everything covered in snow, it looked like a Christmas postcard. Even though we've had our fill of snow this winter, it was pretty.

So we woke up this morning all excited to see a beautiful blue sky, not a cloud in it, and bright sun. We were off to see Mt. Rushmore and the Presidents. :) I'd seen it before, when I was 13. But it's been a few years, and I was anxious to see it again. And to see the reactions of my kids and Hubby. Well, I wasn't disappointed. I had seen it before in the summer, so it was neat to see the area all snowy.

After we had seen everything we wanted to see, took all the pictures we wanted to take, we decided to hit the road south, toward Denver. I didn't think we'd go all the way, but we did. Made it and found a hotel just in time to watch the opening of Dancing with the Stars. lol. So tomorrow I'm not sure what we'll be doing, but in a place the size of Denver, I'm sure we'll find something. :)

Oh yeah. I almost forgot., I didn't dance for the presidents. lol. Too many people around. I'll leave the dancing to my Meez. And I changed her to a more urban background and realized it changed down below as well. Ah well. Guess she can't dance for the Presidents forever. :)

Here are a couple more shots of the Prez's. :) I took the first one...

...but this really awesome close up was DH's shot. He should go pro.


Marianne Arkins said…
Great pictures! And, yeah, there's a lot to do in Denver. I used to work there, lived in the Springs.

The zoo is pretty cool. Red rocks. If you're going to the Springs, Garden of the Gods is a must-see and take the cog railway up Pikes Peak... yanno, touristy things.

Have fun!

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