It's funny how things come about that put our lives into perspective in a whole new way. Well, I can't speak for anyone but myself. I had a busy day on Monday, my first "real" day back after my trip. And if you read my post on Monday, you know I was whining about having to be back to normal. But yesterday I was going through my email and I found one from a lady who has suffered some very real loss recently, and though she's talking about it, she's not whining. The lady is Darlene Franklin, a member of my writer's list, ACFW. She lost a daughter to suicide, and as a means to try to heal, she's blogging about it. So check out her blog in my list of blog links. Post a comment if you have a moment and the inkling to do so. I know it will mean alot to her.

Reading of her loss and her grief, and the grace with which she is dealing with it was very humbling to me. I've lost a loved one, my father, when I was sixteen years old. Cancer. But I've never lost a child, and I hope to never go through that. Monday in the town where I live, there was a horrible tragedy where a father allegedly killed his four children and his wife, then committed suicide. I cannot imagine the grief of the living members of that family, either. And it made me take a good look at myself and see me for the selfish human being I am. I have a mostly happy, healthy, and loving family. I hope it stays that way. I pray it does, and I leave everyone I love in God's all powerful hands. I have nothing to complain about for myself, especially not to "grieve" the end of a marvelous opportunity to see the beauties of my country. :)

And I had more good news yesterday. On Monday (gee, everything happened on Monday!) I had an MRI because of the headaches I'd been having. Yesterday I went to see the doctor and he confirmed that, well, I do have a brain. I saw it myself! Well, the MRI pictures of it anyway. *G* And there is nothing wrong with me, nothing that might have been causing the headaches. So maybe it was just tension, PMS...who knows what it was. I wasn't really afraid that there was something, especially since the headaches went away, but it's always good to hear absolute confirmation. I think I may be starting to need glasses, but hey, as my doctor said yesterday, the alternative to growing old is not a very good one. :) So I'll accept the fact I'm getting older, hope I keep getting older for plenty more years, and gracefully move ahead. Even if it means getting glasses.

I pray that God will bless all those of you who are truly having a hard time of it in this life, and that He will give grace most abundantly.

Have a great day.



I suspect we'll become close over the coming days.

Until this happened, I was like you ... troubles at a distance. I pray you never have to experience the tragedy I have, but one good thing I pray for out of this tragedy is this: that in the future I will be more aware of other's pain.

Thanks for stopping by and linking others to my website.
Marianne Arkins said…
Congratulations on your brain!!

And, it's very true (and a little sad) that other's misfortunes make our little ones, previously ENORMOUS, shrink right back down to size.

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